When clients come to my office, I ask them to fill out an intake form. The first question on this form is about its legal name. Although this may seem like a simple question, many customers don`t know how to answer this question. Many clients provide their first name, middle name and last name as it appears on their driver`s license and/or marriage certificate; others use a given name, middle initial, and last name; Some women give their maiden name and still others fill out the form with a nickname. What is your official name? Is it the name you were born with or the name you use every day? Your insurance broker can help you change your name to things like your auto or home insurance, and your workplace human resources department can help you update the life insurance plans you have as part of your job. If you have health insurance through a state or federal agency, or if you have health insurance directly through an insurance agency — not through an employer — let them know you`ve changed your name. Decide which name you will use professionally and send an email to your colleagues, customers and suppliers when you return from your honeymoon and introduce yourself again with the name you used. This is especially important if your business changes your email address to reflect your new last name. If you don`t change it, you may want to let your colleagues know as well. Be sure to ask for both a new deck of cards and new checkbooks. If you also update your address at this time, bring proof of address (such as your rental or mortgage documents). If you renew your passport to your new name, you must declare that you will continue to use your maiden name in a professional capacity, but for all other purposes, you have changed your name to that of your partner.

You can do this in section 8 (« More information ») of the passport application form or as a separate document. Your new passport will be issued to your married name and an observation indicating your maiden name will be added: If you are active in your alumni association, let him know that you have changed your name so that he can address you correctly and give the correct name to other people who might be looking for you. Contact your county deeds office to find out how to change your name on your title deed after marriage. You may need to complete a « Declaration of Change of Ownership » (or equivalent) and submit your marriage certificate. This will be important if you ever decide to sell your home. You can also ask at that time if you want to add your spouse to your certificate. Wondering how to change your name after marriage? It`s a serious business – both because it`s an important decision and because you`ll spend a lot of time going through government forms and staying on hold. But we promise it`s worth it (and the effort). Once you complete the process, you will have a wallet full of cards displaying your new name. To save you from trouble and more than a few headaches, we`ve put together a guide on what to do, the order in which you need to do it, and what exactly you need to have with you to make the process as easy as possible.

If you mix up or create a new name, you have to go to court. The exact logistics vary from state to state, but you`ll seek a court order, likely from the county clerk. If you rely on your internet browser`s autofill feature, seeing your old name regularly could drive you crazy! Here`s how to update Chrome and Safari. Of course, if you are on your honeymoon outside the country, you will need your passport, and your passport must match your tickets. If you have your new passport when you travel, book the ticket under your new name. If you do not have your new passport at the moment, respect your maiden name when booking the ticket. With your new name and payment information in hand, it`s time to update the payment information for your mortgage or rent and utilities.

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