The Stern College for Women (SCW) Curriculum Committee recently met to simplify the requirements of SCW General Education, with the goal of assisting students and facilitating course selection, shared with the YU Observer to simplify the requirements of SCW General Education, with the goal of assisting students and making course selection easier. The program committee decided that two of the previous categories of general educational requirements, « Foundations of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences » and « Contemporary American and World Perspectives, » would be merged into a single new category « Foundations and Contemporary Perspectives in History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences. » On Tuesday, November 10, Meirah Shedlo, academic consultant and special projects manager, sent an email to these new changes and attached a new PDF file highlighting the change. In addition, these students will face many limitations and challenges after initial admission. Students in the program can only spend one year in Israel. Upon admission, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.75 as a student. These students must also score at least 515 points on the MCAT exam, a 90th percentile score, to stay in the program. It is possible for a student to be rejected by Einstein during this application process, even if all requirements are met. As a result, it is still unclear exactly what this « early insurance » is and to what extent students will have an advantage in the program over other applicants. Prospective pre-medical students may also consider other programs offered by YU. Upstate Medical University College of Medicine (SUNY) is another guaranteed entry-level program offered by YU. Once high school applicants are accepted into this program, they are guaranteed admission to medical school and they do not have to take the MCAT exam and apply separately to medical school. According to YU`s website, applicants must have prior experience in the medical field and have at least a SAT score of 1360 or an ACT score of 29. Once YU approves their application, students will also need to speak to the SUNY Admissions Committee.

While it is true that the Einstein program has more demanding admission requirements than SUNY, it is also considered a more prestigious school and has a more attractive location for most people. Einstein is ranked 39th in the country by U.S. News and World Report, while SUNY Upstate ranks 88th. Einstein is also much more selective than SUNY with a 4.3% adoption rate compared to SUNY`s 34% adoption rate. However, both programs offer YU-Pre-Med students the unique opportunity to choose a more complete path for their studies right after high school. Many students find these requirements repetitive and disadvantageous to students. Rachel Jacobi (SCW â21) says that « I think these categories are redundant and should be combined. My experience with this was that I had met all my « foundation » requirements through graduate courses that I needed and an AP-US history course that technically fell under « foundations. » They refused to allow me to use these credits for the « contemporary » requirement, even though there are dozens of other similar history courses classified as « contemporary. » Upon graduation, SCW students must have completed a wide range of courses, including those that fall under the categories of « Foundations of History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences » and « Contemporary American and World Perspectives. » Originally, students were required to take two courses from two different fields to complete the first category, including economics, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology.

To meet the latter category, one must take two courses in two different fields, namely economics, history, philosophy and political science. Stern College for Women (SCW) is Yeshiva University`s undergraduate college of arts and sciences. It is located on the university`s Israel Henry Beren campus in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan. Students must meet numerous qualifications to be accepted at the time of submission and during their years at Yeshiva University to confirm admission to Einstein. Admission to the program is enrollment in the S. Daniel Abraham Honors program at Yeshiva College or Stern College for Women. The average honours student has an SAT score of 1460 or 32 on the ACT with a cumulative grade point average of 94. While applicants to the honours program do not have to meet these exact criteria to be accepted, students applying to the Einstein program need at least these scores. Prospective students must register to apply for the program with their application. Only 10 students from Yeshiva College and Stern College are accepted together into the program. Combined and joint programs of study in business administration, dentistry, engineering, Jewish education, nursing, occupational therapy, optometry, physiotherapy, physician assistant, podiatry and social work are available. Below is a list of major/minor fact sheets for academic departments at Stern College for Women, which can be viewed as PDF files or downloaded.

Please feel free to contact a student advisor ( or faculty member for more information. Bacon described that « the consolidation of the two categories maintains the characteristic breadth of a liberal arts program, while course selection is less confusing for students. » She added that academic advisors are working on an updated fact sheet. Photo Source: Photo in an email sent to the Beren campus by Meirah Shedlo The school building at 253 Lexington Avenue at the corner of East 35th Street in Murray Hill was built in 1911 for Packard Commercial School — which later became Packard Business College and Packard Junior College — for $250,000.

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