If the court grants your request for a name change, it will order the name change by registering the file, and a court order to that effect will (eventually) be issued to you. Keep it, as you`ll need the original to change your Tennessee driver`s license. Note: This summary is not intended to be a complete discussion of the law applicable to a Tennessee name change claim, but does contain basic and other provisions. (b) (1) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in law, persons convicted of the following offences do not have the right to legally change their name: Name changes are requested for many reasons. Maybe you just don`t like your birth name and want a name that suits you better. Maybe you`re divorced and haven`t asked the court to reinstate your maiden name as part of the divorce process, and your state doesn`t offer a simplified procedure like California. Maybe you`re making or have made a career change and feel your birth name is getting in the way of your new job. As for the reasons for your name change, they should be valid enough for a judge to at least accept them. Keep in mind that the reasons will help the judge decide whether or not to allow your application. A marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order have legally changed your name. But you`re not going to carry it to prove that you`re who you claim to do, are you? Name Change Action Allowed: In Tennessee, an adult can change their name by filing a lawsuit in circuit, probate and county court with the appropriate forms. A parent or guardian may change a minor`s name by filing a lawsuit in the Circuit Court, the Probate Court and the County Court using the appropriate forms. Conditions of a change of name order: For a change of name order to be made, the court must find sufficient grounds for the change and also find that it is consistent with the public interest.

A name change in the event of marriage, dissolution or divorce meets these requirements. 4. Applicant`s parents: The name of the applicant`s father is ______ and lives in ___ The applicant`s mother is named _____ and lives in ___ Our name change documents (information, products and services) are intended only for simple and undisputed name change actions. Attempting to change your name when considering bankruptcy and/or after declaring bankruptcy can be complicated, and our name changes are not applicable in such situations. These situations usually require the assistance of an attorney who is a member of the bar association of the state where you live. This link will take you to the Davidson County Chancery Court forms. one. Adult: The petition under consideration must comply with the law and include the full legal name of the petitioner, any previous names by which the petitioner was known, the place of residence of the petitioner(s), the date of birth, age, social security number of the person whose name is to be changed, and the state in which the original birth certificate was issued.

Copies of the original birth certificate, social security card, and government-issued photo ID must be attached to the application. The person whose name is to be changed must appear before the court at the hearing. We now offer a website dedicated to the Tennessee Name Change Act where you can purchase forms to legally change your name in Tennessee. Name change actions can last from one day to six (6) months (sometimes even longer). The time required to order such measures varies not only from county to county, but sometimes from courthouse to courthouse. If time is an important factor for you to know how long a name change will take at your local courthouse, we recommend that you contact the courthouse where you wish to file your specific claim. Our name change forms and services are not allowed to be used if the name change is the result of the marriage – a simpler procedure should be required. Our staff does not have details about these particular procedures offered in the various jurisdictions. You can contact your local clerk to find out more about local procedures and if you are qualified. This service costs $99.95 for a name change for adults or minors.

Our fees include creating forms and delivering forms in a data format. Hard copies of the forms can be sent to you (upon special request) for an additional fee. Other fees that may be charged when filing a legal document with a court could include: filing fees, postage for certified mail, fees related to signatures and seals of a notary, publication fees, and delivery charges. These fees and costs are the responsibility of the petitioner, not our company. On the day of your hearing, the minor and both parents must appear before the clerk at the courthouse at the scheduled time. The registrar decides whether the change of name is in the best interests of the child. If they agree, the Registrar signs the purchase order. Use this order form to update the minor`s name with various state and federal agencies. To change a minor`s name in the state of Tennessee, both parents or guardians of the child must sign the petition and appear before the registrar.

A step-parent may consent to a change of name of a minor only if the parental rights of the biological mother or father have expired. We always recommend that our clients file their claim (documents/forms) in person at the local courthouse. This is the fastest, simplest and best approach to filing. In addition to appearing to submit your documents or forms, name change actions often require further court appearances. You will need to go to a driver service center to change your name. You will need your current license and the original or certified document stating the reason for the change. For example: an original or certified marriage certificate, an original or certified copy of your divorce decree or the original court order. Tennessee`s laws relating to name changes are Tennessee Code, Title 29 – Remedies and Special Procedures, Chapter 8 – Name Change, Correction of Errors in Birth Certificates. Statuses can be found online by doing a simple search using Google or another search engine. Appear before the Chancellor on the day of your hearing at the time indicated. You will likely have copies of your previously filed documents, but you should bring copies of each form with you to the courthouse. If the Registrar accepts the desired name change, they will sign the order form and the court clerk will provide you with certified true copies.

Use these copies to update your name on various identifiers and in any agencies that should be notified. Our Tennessee Name Change forms provide detailed instructions on how to change an adult`s name and include: The court can order that the name be changed or the birth certificate corrected by entering the protocol listing the application and its reasons. [Tennessee Code, Title 29 Appeals and Special Procedures, Chapter 8 Name Change – Correction of Errors in Birth Certificates, Section 29-8-104.] Once your new name is yours, make sure you use it. Family, friends, neighbours and your employer should be informed immediately. You`ll probably also want to update your bank and anyone you owe money to. Also, don`t forget to update your email and social media accounts. Your name is yours. It is given to you, follows you and appears on everything from your driver`s license to your credit card. So if you ever decide to change your name, there`s paperwork to do. How you change your name to Tennessee depends on why you change it and when.

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