The Microsoft Corporation site in Washington on One Microsoft Way is unofficially known as the Microsoft Redmond Campus. In 1986, four weeks before Microsoft`s IPO, the company moved to the school`s campus on February 26. Since the establishment of the headquarters, it has undergone many expansions. The California processing service for legal documents destined for Microsoft must be performed through the company`s compliance team. To serve a civil summons, order, or penal order, you must specify whether the entity should be served online or at the Microsoft subsidiary. The Microsoft Online Services records custodian is responsible for the California e-mail or fax processing service. Microsoft`s compliance team processes each request in detail before providing data. The data provided is intended to provide law enforcement agencies with the necessary tools to manage the situation. Suicide threats and kidnappings are among the most common emergency requests. This article provides instructions for providing legal documents related to Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is an American global technology company that manufactures PCs, computers, and related products.

The Microsoft Windows series of operating systems, the Microsoft Office suite, and Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers are well-known software products from Microsoft. Xbox video game consoles and Microsoft Surface touchscreen PCs are the company`s two most notable hardware offerings. The company also produces a wide range of other consumer and enterprise software for desktops, laptops, tabs, gadgets, and servers, including internet search (using Bing), digital services marketplace (via MSN), mixed reality (HoloLens), cloud computing (Azure), and software development (Visual Studio). There are many reasons why Microsoft may deny or dispute a request. For example, we may deny a request if it is de facto invalid, is not properly delivered to us, or requests data of a type not supported by the order or the wrong technology company. We may refuse requests if they exceed the authority or responsibilities of the requesting organization. We may refuse a request if it is not signed or duly authorized, contains incorrect data, is not processed correctly, contains material errors or is too broad. We may also deny requests if there is no legal reason why the government cannot request the data from the enterprise customers themselves and not from Microsoft. Sometimes Microsoft tries to limit the scope of its California Process Service requests, either by requiring the government to disclose only a certain type or amount of data, or by requiring the agency to search for the data itself. The request focuses on Microsoft`s commercial services: therefore, when requested, the company will always refer the government to customers to get the information directly. Government agencies can contact government businesses or clients directly to obtain information about one of their employees.

It is also possible for the government to take formal action in court to seek a change or repeal of a legal system. Governments play a crucial role in public safety. They had the legal means to investigate and access people`s personal data before modern cloud technology existed. They still have these legal means today. Microsoft has a team that works around the clock to respond quickly when government data requests are legal, valid, and mandatory. At the same time, we believe our customers deserve to be predictable about how and when a government can access their data, and that it should be up to national laws and international human rights standards – not the discretion of a company – to determine where the line is drawn. Our customers own both their « Content Data » and « Non-Content Data, » and we regularly challenge government requests for data where there is a legal basis to do so. By only responding to valid legal process, we strive to give our customers clear expectations about what happens to their data.

Microsoft receives legal claims for customer data from civil litigants around the world. Microsoft will only respond to private requests received as part of valid legal proceedings. Microsoft adheres to the same principles for all legal requests in civil proceedings as for governmental requests for user data, with non-governmental civil parties being required to comply with applicable laws, rules, and procedures regarding the request for customer data. Microsoft honors emergency requests from law enforcement agencies around the world and requires that such requests be filed in writing on official letterhead and signed by law enforcement. The request shall include a summary of the emergency situation and an explanation of how the information requested will assist law enforcement authorities in dealing with the emergency. Each request is carefully reviewed by Microsoft`s compliance team before disclosing data, and disclosure is limited to data that we believe would allow law enforcement to handle the emergency. Some of the most common emergency requests include suicide threats and kidnappings. Every six months, we publish information about the emergency requests we receive in this report regarding law enforcement requests. If a non-governmental party needs Customer Data, they must follow the applicable legal process, i.e. provide us with a valid subpoena or court order for the Content or Subscriber Information or other data unrelated to the content. For content requests, we require the explicit legal consent of the account holder, and for all requests, we will notify the account holder, unless prohibited by law. We require that all requests be targeted to specific accounts and identifiers.

The Microsoft compliance team reviews civil requests for user data to ensure they are valid, rejects invalid requests, and provides only the data specified in the jurisdiction. A summary of the Microsoft team`s responses to civil customer data requests is included in the downloadable version of this report. Although the California Process Service is required to review data requested by law enforcement, Microsoft must turn over all images that may violate U.S. laws to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. When it comes to issues like self-harm or posting threatening messages in public forums, Microsoft often reveals limited information about a user to keep others safe. Microsoft customers and employees, as well as Microsoft itself, may disclose certain limited California Process Service information to law enforcement agencies if one of the customers or employees or the company is a victim of crime. Microsoft also provides information in accordance with applicable California litigation laws and industry practices, when it can assess that disclosure is necessary to avoid an imminent emergency in which an individual`s death or serious bodily injury is likely to occur. We know that it can be difficult to get the information you need from Internet services and other online content providers. If you need help with this, please let us know through our Support and Training Center. We can answer your questions about submitting a legal request and help you decipher the results. Microsoft requires official, signed, and valid legal process to be issued in accordance with federal or local laws and regulations.

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