We are also proud of the comprehensive training and development program we offer our graduates when they join the firm. Our training programs have an excellent reputation. Our culture is open, inclusive and inspiring – we help you reach your full potential from the start. We have a real interest in the professional education and training of our employees. We provide ongoing advice and support throughout your career, offering a wide range of on-site and online courses on topics such as financial product skills, management leadership, personal effectiveness and technology. Our greatest asset is our people – we are proud to invest in them. • Affordable access to legal services for employees and their parents, including wills and trusts; Real estate; prior right; Family, Small Claims or Family Court; adoption and surrogacy; and immigration Yes. Diversity makes us stronger. We recruit candidates from all academic disciplines and encourage applications from students from all walks of life.

Our training programs are specifically designed to provide you with the toolbox to help you get off to a good start, whatever your academic discipline. In some regions, we organize a boot camp for non-financial analysts to support them in the financial and technical aspects of the program. We are looking for people who are not afraid to think big. The information contained herein is of a general nature, does not constitute individual tax advice and should not be used to avoid taxes or tax penalties. Tax laws are complex and subject to change, and their application may vary depending on the circumstances. Morgan Stanley and its benefit plans do not provide tax or legal advice. You are responsible for consulting with your own advisors. • Comprehensive programs to support gender-affirming transitions, including surgery, hormone therapy, facial augmentation and voice therapy, as well as legal name changes and hospital insurance.

The plan administrator may ask you to review your data and that of your loved ones. Providing false or misleading information may result in legal or disciplinary action by Morgan Stanley, including termination and cancellation of executive compensation. This statement does not guarantee coverage; Plan administrators have ultimate authority to determine authorization. Be prepared. Research the industry and field of activity that interests you. Be knowledgeable and give concrete examples of why you want to work here. Most importantly, be yourself. We`ve compiled a list of helpful tips in our interview preparation. Remember, we always try to match the right person with the right job.

• 16 free, confidential sessions per year with a mental health therapist or coach for you and your loved ones, as well as access to doctors who can prescribe and administer mental health medication • Free college admissions support program, including review of your child`s application by former admissions and family affairs financial aid advisors at Morgan Stanley. Whether you`re welcoming a newcomer, watching your children grow up, or caring for aging parents, there`s support: • A maximum benefit of $75,000 to start a family to help employees with the costs of adoption, surrogacy and fertility treatments – including IVF and egg and sperm freezing, and 12 months of storage Relevant work experience is not a prerequisite for applying to any of our programs. Our workforce reflects a variety of backgrounds, talents, perspectives and experiences. We`re not just looking for great resumes – we`re looking for great people. We are looking for people who can communicate effectively in written and oral English. Fluency in multiple languages is also an advantage, especially for positions in our regional offices that require additional language skills. Absolute. Our talent management programs and initiatives provide you with learning opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills. We actively support our employees in managing their career path and goals.

For many, this means a career stay abroad. The inspiring breadth of Morgan Stanley`s products, services and global presence allows our employees to experience professional mobility based on their interests and talents. Let`s build a better future together. • Continued payment of wages if you are unable to work due to illness or injury • Second medical opinion for you and your extended family, including your adult and grandchildren, parents, grandparents and parents-in-law. If you are studying abroad and the recruitment process for the field you are interested in takes place during your absence, be sure to apply online during the application deadline for the relevant job posting and let us know that you will be abroad and at what times of the academic calendar year. If you are studying abroad in the fall semester, you can participate in the regular internship recruitment process in the spring. Please note that WHO/Europe`s recruitment dates vary. Our emerging talents bring innovative approaches to each of their roles. Meet some of those who contribute to an idea-driven culture that embraces new perspectives on solving complex problems. Any inconsistency between this notice and the terms of an official plan document shall be governed by the plan document.

Morgan Stanley and its performance plans are not responsible for data errors or processing delays. The plan administrator can correct errors at any time. At Morgan Stanley India, a culture of collaboration allows you to take on new challenges, knowing that you have colleagues and mentors to support you every step of the way. From interns and graduates to senior management, our employees are our greatest asset and we make sure to invest in their professional and personal development and create an environment that is both stimulating and welcoming for them. We also recognize the importance of flexibility in the workplace and have made it a priority to meet the evolving needs of our employees. At Morgan Stanley, you`ll find more than just opportunities for professional success. You will be part of a team dedicated to excellence and making a positive difference in the world. • Employee offerings on cash management, title lending and real estate financing solutions with options for every stage of your life Morgan Stanley employees to be promoted to Managing Director in 2021 It depends on where you are, but most of our interviews take place on campus, by phone, videoconference or in person at our offices. We strongly encourage you to think about the application process and limit your selection to locations and programs that truly match your interests.

The number of applications you can submit is listed below. • Subsidized child care for children and adults, as well as discounts and help finding child care, preschools, tutors, learning module teachers, enrichment programs and summer camps, and parental coaching, including a family support concierge for one-on-one counseling Our many work-life programs meet the diverse needs of our employees. Programs focus on physical and emotional health, the concerns of working parents and family, and the need for greater flexibility. We want our employees to live full and fulfilling lives. More information about our work-life programs can be found here. • Flexible spending accounts for dependent child care centres to cover the cost of preschool, preschool or after-school programs, child care and summer camps • Generous paid parental leave (16 weeks for all parents, plus an additional 6-8 weeks of post-pregnancy sick leave) – as well as breastfeeding rooms, breast milk shipping and a silver spoon with your child`s name • Refinance the student loan for you, your family and friends Visit our website. We`ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, so you should have plenty of it. It`s also a good idea to use your alumni networks, as well as your personal and professional connections, to learn more about Morgan Stanley. Then, when you feel ready, apply online! Morgan Stanley`s benefit plans may be changed or discontinued at any time, including benefit reductions for some or all insured persons.

• Apply to a maximum of 3 different programs in one year of recruitment in each region (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Americas) • Programs can be in 3 different cities. You have honed your skills. Use your full potential at Morgan Stanley now. Discover the growth opportunities and career benefits we can offer technologists that big techs and startups often can`t. • Free admission to approximately 50 major museums and discounted tickets to movies, theatre, sports and amusement parks • Resources and tips for children, including children with special needs or developmental issues Submit your application through the Morgan Stanley Careers website. In some regions, including North America, we also post job postings on your school`s careers website in addition to job postings on our own website. In this case, be sure to apply for both vacancies. The best place to find out when we will be on campus is your university`s career services office and our website. Let them know you`d like to apply and make sure we`re on the calendar of upcoming events.

The sooner you start, the better. • Insurance plans: life, accident, auto, homeowner and tenant insurance, group surplus (umbrella), critical illness insurance, hospitalization, identity theft and even pet insurance, as well as discounts on human medications your pets can take Our team`s diversity allows for exceptional ideas, while a commitment to internal professional mobility means there are always opportunities learning, innovation and success. Together, we work to find solutions to complex problems, always putting the customer first. Come and join us! • 4 weeks of paid leave to care for a critically ill family member • Prescription Drug Discounts for Family and Friends Without Insurance A stock purchase program for employees, 401(k) retirement savings, 529 plans with corporate correspondence, IRA? Check, verify, verify and verify.

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