Referee Jason Herzog, arguably one of the best officials in the sport, quickly spotted the illegal knee and deducted a point from Choi. It`s a rule that`s been talked about a lot in 2021. « The rule is really the same, » Ratner said. « The interpretation we found, with the Association of Boxing Commissions, which was supposed to be called the Association of Fighting Commissions – they should change that – but the spirit of the rule was violated by many fighters. This rule went into effect at UFC 28 in November 2000, the first UFC event sanctioned by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board using new unified mixed martial arts rules. During an exchange of blows in the second round of the fight, « Mighty Mouse » was in a bad position on the court. After holding Johnson and waiting to make his shot, Moraes landed a vicious knee that landed flush with Johnson`s chin. That`s all she wrote. « (Referee) Dan Miragliotta came back (before the fight). He said that this state is specifically under the new (uniform) rules. He said that if there are two hands on the floor, you can raise one hand and throw a knee. It doesn`t matter what your hands do. It doesn`t matter what the rest of your body is doing.

A knee touching the mat is equivalent to a fighter on the ground, everywhere and always, forever and ever, Amen. When the Ultimate Fighting Championship was launched in 1993, it sold itself as a form of mixed martial arts where the only rule was that there were no rules. MMA is the only combat sport that allows fighters to fight even if one of the opponents is knocked down. However, in most organizations, such as the UFC, the use of knee punches and kicks against a downed opponent is illegal, while hand and elbow punches to the head are considered legal. That`s why knees against MMA opponents in the UFC are vicious and illegal! If it were the United States, knee is not allowed and Mighty Mouse can stand in a safer and more protective way. I hope Mighty Mouse is fine, but that`s why I don`t agree with these rules. #ONEonTNT1 Darren Till injured his right knee after suffering a knee from Robert Whittaker at UFC Fight Island 3 in July 2020. Again, just for fun: no matter what your hands do, when your knee is on the mat, old and new, you are a dejected opponent. Point.

Judging by Jeremy Stephens` remarks after his controversial TKO victory over Josh Emmett in the UFC on FOX 28, he may have been confused about the « new » definition of ground enemy under MMA`s uniform rules. A quick glance at Twitter MMA suggests he`s not alone. The wording of the rule and the intent of the rule have not changed, but the way the rule is interpreted and applied has changed. Here`s the thing you can`t stop by sitting on your lap. Knees to an opponent on the ground should be allowed! A downed opponent (also known as a ground opponent) is a fighter who is on the ground, compared to a fighter who is standing. This often involves the downed fighter lying on the ground, but can technically refer to any position where anything other than the soles of the fighter`s feet touch the ground. In many martial arts, such as boxing or taekwondo, it is illegal to hit a downed opponent. The referee will immediately put the downed opponent on his feet to resume the fight standing. The only martial art that allows punches when the opponent is on the ground is mixed martial arts. The majority of MMA organizations follow the general rule of prohibiting punches to the knee and kicks to the head of an opponent on the ground, but fighters are allowed to hit their opponent`s body. Hand and elbow blows to the head are considered legal. In the UFC, hitting an opponent lying on the ground with knees or kicks to the head is considered illegal and can result in disqualification.

An opponent on the ground has been defined as a fighter who is in any position where anything but the soles of his feet touch the ground. Here is the full text of the new rule that was in effect for this fight, courtesy of the Association of Boxing Commissions: According to the rulebooks, ONE uses the Global Martial Arts Rule Set For Competition against the UFC`s unified rules. What do you think of the difference in rules between the two famous promotions? Leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below! At UFC 259, the UFC bantamweight title changed in unprecedented fashion after defending champion Petr Yan Aljamain illegally defeated Sterling in the penultimate round of the bout. Yan was ahead on two judges` scorecards when the incident occurred and could have won the fight. When things get chaotic, this rule is only effective in the committees that have adopted the new uniform rules. In other places, a finger on the carpet always calls you down. This means that referees and officials must inform fighters before each individual event of the rules under which they operate, which may have confused Stephens. A ground fighter is defined as: Any part of the body, except for a single hand and the soles of the feet that touch the ground of the combat zone. To be grounded, both hands must touch the palm/fist down and/or another part of the body must touch the ground of the combat zone.

A single knee, a single arm, renders the fighter grounded without any other body part having to come into contact with the ground of the combat zone. At this stage, kicks or knees on the head are not allowed. (emphasis added) Demetrious Johnson was a knee-to-ground defender in his previous fights at ONE. Not so long ago, he said: According to Khabib, Yan`s cornermen asked him to go ahead and hit Sterling with a knee, which ultimately cost him his title that night. End of DJ fight. Brutal knee. And yes, that knee is legal in ONE, but not in the U.S. if you stick to the unified rules. Moraes summed it up. What a moment for him. Shocking to see how DJ is stopped. Daniel Cormier revealed that Khabib Nurmgomedov told him that Yan had been the victim of bad advice from his cornermen during the fight. As Sterling lay on the ground, Yan apparently asked his team if he should hit him with his knee. Since Yan and his teammates spoke Russian, Nurmagomedov understood what was happening. Just to be absolutely clear, while people still find a way to misunderstand this, both the old and the new, ONCE YOUR KNEE IS DOWN, YOU IMMEDIATELY BECOME A GROUND FIGHTER. UFC vice president of regulatory affairs and former Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Marc Ratner appeared in a recent issue of UFC Tonight on Wednesday, explaining the new interpretation of what is a foul and what is not in terms of kneeling and kicking a « knocked down » fighter. This is true, but only if the fighter in question has no other body parts than the soles of his feet on the mountain. When his knee or anything other than the soles of his feet is on the carpet — and Emmett`s knee was clearly down — it cancels it all out with his hands. Seung Woo Choi landed an illegal knee in the middle of his fight against Alex Caceres at UFC Vegas 41.

This had a huge impact on the fight and ended with Choi receiving a one-point deduction. I remember a conversation with Andy Foster, the executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, who pointed out that fighters who tried to touch their fingers on the mat didn`t necessarily use their hands to protect their faces.

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