MetLife Auto & Home is the brand name of all nine MetLife affiliated insurance companies. [114] Together, these companies provide property and casualty insurance in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. [115] MetLife Auto & Home`s flagship company, the Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company, was founded in 1972. [114] MetLife Auto & Home companies currently have more than 2.7 million active policies and serve 58 of the Fortune 100. [116] [117] In 2014, MetLife paid $23 million to settle several lawsuits involving unwanted facsimile transactions used to generate leads for life insurance sales. [91] In 1959, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (as it was then called) published tables of the best weight for each height for longevity, based on insurance data collected. These tables showed what were called « desirable weights. » In 1983, the company published charts with the « ideal » weights for longest longevity; This information is based on data collected in the 1979 Build study collected by the Society of Actuaries. These data followed patients for 18 years (1954-1972) and were collected by 25 life insurance companies in Canada and the United States, representing 4.2 million people. These « ideal » weights were higher than previous « desirable » weights, which was attributed to an increase in muscle mass due to improved fitness in the population.

The company insured sailors and soldiers in the civil war against disabilities due to war injuries, accidents and diseases. 24. In March 1868, it became known as the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and concentrated on life insurance. [35] [36] In the summer of 2017, MetLife plans to add a third 255,000-square-foot office building at its global technology campus in Cary, North Carolina, giving the company a total of 655,000 square feet in a location with more than 1,000 employees in fields such as engineering. software and technology. That plan is the result of North Carolina, which gave the company $94 million in incentives in 2013 to create more than 2,600 jobs, half in Cary and the other half in Charlotte. [80] In 2010, the company was « organized into five segments: insurance products, retirement products », US operations (including Auto & Home and Corporate Benefit Funding) and international. [16] The Insurance Products Division was the largest unit, accounting for 53% of sales in 2009.

[17] In 2015, a division was formed, called the Americas. [18] « MetLife Bank took advantage of the FHA`s insurance program by knowingly turning a blind eye to mortgages that did not meet basic underwriting requirements and charging the FHA and taxpayers when those mortgages defaulted. » We separated part of our U.S. operations from MetLife to become a separate company called Brighthouse Financial, Inc. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company provides insurance and financial services to private and institutional clients in the United States. It offers life insurance, auto insurance, annuities, home insurance, disability income and financial planning services. The company was founded in 1868 and is headquartered in Long Island City, New York. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of MetLife, Inc. On 8. In March 2010, MetLife announced its intention to acquire American Life Insurance Company (Alico), a leading international life insurance company, from American International Group (AIG). In 2012, MetLife failed the Federal Reserve`s (Fed) comprehensive capital analysis and review stress test, designed to predict the company`s potential bankruptcy in the event of a recession.

The Fed said the minimum risk-based total capital ratio should be 8% and estimated MetLife`s ratio at 6%. The company had sought approval of a $2,000,000,000 share buyback to support the share price, as well as a dividend increase. [81] Because MetLife owned MetLife Bank, it was subject to stricter financial regulation. To avoid this regulation, MetLife announced the sale of its banking unit to GE Capital. [82] [83] of 2. In November 2012, MetLife announced that it was selling its $70,000,000,000 mortgage business to JPMorgan Chase for an undisclosed amount. [84] Both sales were part of the strategy to focus on the insurance side of the business. In 1930, MetLife insured one in five men, women and children in the United States and Canada.

[40] In the 1930s, it also began to diversify its portfolio by reducing the percentage of individual mortgages in favor of utility bonds, investments in government securities, and loans for commercial real estate. [40] The company financed the construction of the Empire State Building in 1929 and provided capital for the construction of Rockefeller Center in 1931. During World War II, MetLife invested more than 51% of its total wealth in war bonds and was the largest private donor to the Allied cause. [40] On 6. In January 1915, MetLife completed the pooling process and transitioned from a privately owned life insurance company to a mutual company, operating without external shareholders and for the benefit of the insured. [8] After 85 years as a mutual company, MetLife was transformed into a publicly traded company with an IPO in 2000. [9] Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, MetLife has market-leading positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. [10] MetLife serves 90 of the largest Fortune 500 companies. [11] On December 11, 2020, Farmers Insurance Group, owned by Zurich Insurance, agreed to purchase MetLife`s auto and home insurance business for $3.94 billion. At the time of the announcement, MetLife Auto and Home was the 18th MetLife Auto and Home. the largest auto insurer in the United States, present in all 50 states, which underwrote $2.4 billion in auto premiums in 2019.

Farmers Insurance Group completed the purchase of MetLife`s auto and home insurance books on April 8, 2021.

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