Our team has over 10 years of experience in expert legal advice. A trademark is a unique symbol, phrase or word that identifies only the source or owner of a product or service (commonly referred to as service marks). A trademark gives the owner the exclusive right to use the claimed trademark and greatly expands legal protection by preventing others from using an identical/similar trademark. Copyright is the exclusive right vested in someone who creates an original work of author such as a literary, artistic, musical work, etc. These rights include the right to create, reproduce, distribute derivative works and publicly perform or display the work. Copyright includes the original expression of an idea and not the concepts, ideas or actual facts of a particular work. It protects the authors of original works against unauthorized use or reproduction. Al Kalthami Certified Translation, founded in 1989 (1409H) under license number 159 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We offer certified translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa for companies in the GCC countries and beyond in the Arabian Peninsula. We listen first before we develop a viable strategy. Your satisfaction is what we rely on. A patent is an intellectual property (IP) right granted to an inventor by a sovereign authority over the ideas that make up a new autonomous invention.

It grants inventors exclusive rights to the invention and excludes others from the manufacture, sale, use and importation of the invention for a certain period of time. Patents encourage inventors to continue to come up with new ideas and decide who will commercially exploit their invention. Trustworthy in the confidential treatment of your business and engaged with our business to solve them. Is there an urgent issue of intellectual property? Stay in touch with us via social apps and simply ping us when you need it. Customs registration is an effective measure to combat the infringement of your intellectual property rights and the treatment of counterfeit goods in the market. Customs enforces intellectual property protection measures at borders and is allowed to prevent infringement/counterfeiting of goods and impose fines on the importer. In order to apply for customs protection, holders of intellectual property rights are encouraged to register their intellectual property rights with Customs. We guarantee punctuality, quality and no unwanted expenses. You pay for what you get.

We use the latest technology and software to automate our services. Patent development is the process of drafting the patent description, patent claims and associated designs. This is the integral part of how you can patent your idea and the soul of your patent application. To create a quality design, it requires technical experience in the invention as well as a high degree of experience in the elaboration and also with the regulations of the jurisdiction concerned. An industrial design right is an intellectual property (IP) right that protects the unique aesthetic or ornamental design of an object used to make a product, industrial property or craft. The design can be three-dimensional, based on the shape of the object, or two-dimensional based on the composition of the object`s patterns, lines, or colors.

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