There is no age limit to carry a child on a motorcycle. On the other hand, certain requirements must be met to be a passenger on a motorcycle. After all, there are straps to attach the child to the motorcycle – of course, never tie it to you, it should not become your « airbag » in case of a fall! But they disagree. : Some bikers believe that in the event of an impact, an ejection is preferable. Even if nothing has been specified, the advice and opinions of specialists still make it possible to estimate the minimum age required to transport a child on the back of a motorcycle or scooter: this is a very important question, and yet few brands offer a selection adapted to the minds of children. The most important thing to remember when choosing is that the helmet should not exceed 1/25 of the total mass of the child. For example, the helmet should weigh a maximum of 1 kilo for a child of 25 kilos. In addition, always prefer full-face helmets that protect the entire head. His feet must touch the feet to cushion the tremor and ensure better support for the vehicle. It is therefore possible to carry a passenger under 14 years of age (minimum age©for a vehicle© of 50cm3) from the moment he is© prepared©. Up to 7 or 8 years, however, it is highly©recommended© due to the passenger`s lack of habit and maturity©.

As with any passenger, an intercom allows the child to talk to the driver without having to bend over. In addition, it should be remembered that scooter rides are exhausting. However, a child has less resistance, gets tired faster than an adult, and is easily likely to fall asleep, especially in hot weather. Being on the road with him requires more breaks than usual, at least every half hour, and takes the opportunity to remind him of the safety rules that were quickly forgotten by a child`s brain. Since you do not see your little passenger, it is impossible for you to observe his behavior as in a car and perceive his reactions in advance. It can even happen that its presence is forgotten as long as one is absorbed in driving. It is therefore necessary to limit yourself to short trips, to plan frequent stops (every 20 to 30 minutes), to make sure that it is not cold and that it does not fall asleep to maintain constant contact. Good road and caution. Opinions of specialists on the transport of children under 5 years of age: Doctors and health specialists say that it is not wise to carry a child under 10 years of age in the back of a motorcycle, if it is known that the child of this age has not yet become aware of the ideas of risks and dangers. In addition, the child`s head is not intended to support the weight of a motorcycle helmet.

First of all, the occupant of the motorcycle must know how to get on the motorcycle without having to©©balance the rider and the machine. Position yourself on the left side of© the bike and place your left hand on the left shoulder©of the cyclist and your left foot on the left footrest. Place your right hand on the saddle or top case. However, for children under five years of age and as long as the child does not reach the footrest, it is mandatory to use a special seat equipped with a restraint system. It`s also the same rule for bikes. The Highway Traffic Act does not set a minimum age for transporting a child on a motorcycle. Some special devices are even specified for children under 5 years old. But is allowed behavior recommended? On a motorcycle or scooter, a special outfit must be respected. The helmet, as already mentioned, is essential, but not only: gloves, jacket, pants and closed shoes (vertical if possible) are the key to its safety. If possible, choose clothing with CE approved protective shells. In the event of a fall, the child is better protected than with conventional jeans. The experience of a motorcycle or scooter can be traumatic for a young child.

So adapt your driving to your passenger. Drive carefully and at a moderate speed. From 14 years moped: 2 or 3 wheels, the maximum speed of which does not exceed©45 km / h and©with a top© of an engine of one cylinder©of a maximum of 50 cm, if it is a combustion with controlled© ignition. Currently, the answers that the government gives on this subject are quite surprising, because for the moment nothing clearly sets the minimum age that a child must carry by motorcycle or scooter. Common sense is also required. Handguns will have a hard time clinging to the driver`s waist: put on a belt, or rather a special belt with handles, so that the small passenger can stand. And without devoting himself to safety, a top case fixed behind the child prevents him from tipping over and skillfully completes the equipment. First principle: The child passenger must sit on the saddle and the feet touch the footrests. The law does not set a minimum age for the passenger, it is his size that counts. And rule number 1: The child never in front of the driver !! In the event of an accident (usually with a frontal impact), it would play the role of an airbag, you would crush it between you and the dashboard. In addition, it is illegal, the passenger must be behind you, you risk a fine of 150 euros.

In the event of bodily injury, the insurance company may refuse to compensate you. Article R431-11 of the Highway Traffic Act, which regulates the transport of a child on a scooter. « In the case of two-wheeled vehicles, with the exception of so-called tandem cycles, the passenger seat must be equipped with either a silk belt or at least one handle and two footrests. For all two-wheeled vehicles for children under five years of age, the use of a seat designed for this purpose and equipped with a restraint system is mandatory. The driver must ensure that children`s feet cannot be driven between the fixed and moving parts of the vehicle. The fact that a driver infringes the provisions of this Article shall be punishable by the fine imposed for second-class offences. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to install children under the age of 10 on a motorcycle. The risk of falling asleep is significant and it is still difficult to find helmets in their size, because existing helmets are rarely adapted to the morphology of the child (the muscles of the neck and vertebrae are too weak to support them). The photo at the top of this article shows exactly what you should not do: put your child between the legs, in front of you.

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