Legal Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed September 29, 2022. Subscribe to America`s largest dictionary and get thousands of additional definitions and advanced search – ad-free! Note: A party to whom an application for admission has been served must answer each question for which admission is requested by admitting it, rejecting it or giving the reasons why it cannot be admitted or rejected. A valid question does not have to be proved at trial, but it is determined only for the purposes of the pending action. — also known as applications for admission, applications for admission, n. a statement by a party to a dispute or a defendant, usually before the trial, that certain facts are true. A confession should not be confused with an admission of guilt or guilt, but admits only certain facts. In civil matters, each party is entitled to provide a written list of the alleged facts and to ask the other party to admit or deny whether each party is true or correct. The absence of a written response is an admission of the alleged facts and can be used at trial. Pretend or say that something is true. (A) In civil proceedings, a defendant will respond to the request of any plaintiff and admit or refute the allegation.

If a defendant admits an allegation, he does not need to prove the claim. (B) In a criminal prosecution, admitting that you are guilty of a crime is an admission of guilt. C) In a case at trial, admission as evidence means that something can be included in the official evidence presented in the case. v. 1) say that something is true when responding to a complaint filed in a legal dispute. The defendant will admit or refute any allegation in his or her response to the court. If he agrees and declares that he did what he is accused of, the allegation does not need to be proven in court. 2) in criminal law, accept that a fact is true or confess guilt. 3) to be admitted as evidence in a trial, as the judge says: « Exhibit D, the letter, is admitted. » Allow, receive or take; suffer from entering; donate property; to obtain a license. Gregory v. United States, 17 Blatchf.

325, 10 Fed. Cas. 1195. See admission. But the novel disappeared under the clothes with astonishing ease as his sister-in-law`s voice demanded admission. Admission is free, but by invitation only, and prior registration is required. The number of psychiatric admissions that went beyond medical necessity increased for the first time in 2015, from 88 the previous year to 246. The admission opened Barrios to a possible violation of the city`s Ethics Ordinance, which prohibits officials from being paid by an outside body while being on the city`s clock. After high school, he moved to Tokyo and worked in a cardboard factory for two years before being admitted to Hosei University. Can you find the past winners of the National Spelli. The rod was lifted by the intake of strong steam under its floor.

The first, a young father from a town in the southern Netherlands, suffered from shortness of breath, cough and fever at home for eight days before being admitted to the intensive care unit. He said it didn`t matter if ISIS and al-Qaeda are now two different entities, according to their own statements. Such an admission, coming from his brave lips, warns Frank that he should stop regardless of the waste of time. If the city ultimately decides to cancel people`s seditious language tickets and put them in order for the fines they pay, this could be seen as an admission that these people have been wronged. In the good old days of yesteryear, there was little effort to obtain admission to the public service. Powered by Black`s Law Dictionary, Free 2nd ed. and The Law Dictionary. Source: Merriam-Webster`s Dictionary of Law ©1996.

Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. Published under license by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated. He had received his ticket to the casino after he arrived last night; but he didn`t like the rooms at the time. Thomas Jackson, Ferguson`s police chief, did not admit from Thomas Jackson. He gesticulates on such emotions, treats them, but a direct confrontation – an open confession like this – is rare. Then came the admission of a mock marriage to an immigrant.

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